terkey day

November 27, 2007

we hasnt posted in so long it was terkey day an we gotted terkey i wasnt allowed to haf much acause i frowed up just cause i frowed up doesnt meen i dont luf it well me an jake has been luvin each ofer lots an lots we lay down touchin each ofer and i like it so much i fink he is just tryin to make me happy our sisfur gabby came home an she finks she has to be scared of me i just want to sniff an clean her an say welcome home i am gonna put up a picture of her just so you can see her she is beautiful such a pretty girldsc00653.jpgdsc00656.jpg well i missed havin her here i am glad she camed back



August 8, 2007

i wented on a venture the ofer day. i bisited meowmies furrend howse. we wuz loked in a room fur a wile but then she letted us owt. i inspekted lots of places. there wus a small cat an i tryed to play. i fink meowmie finks iwus tryin to atack her. i jus wanted to play. honestly. i dont fink i would mind goin bak fur anofer bisit. i dont mind to much i efen like the ride ther in the blak machine wif weels. i lay down on the seet and wait or i curl up at meowmies feets. i gots to let Jake rite sumfin. i will be bak. spot-exposing-himself.jpg

oh no

March 3, 2007

mine meowmies is sad and her eyes are startin to be leeky she says she is de-pressed. i dont see anyfing on her preein her down she saided somefing bout the prolems goin on. all her friends talking bout leafin makes her sad. i want love to make her un-presseed
she haded to take Jake to the V-E-T he mite haf sum prolems wif his pee holder agin i hope not he tolded me he gottedd shot but i saw no blood so i fink he is lyin he does haf pills to take.

Its been so long

February 1, 2007

My meowmy is bad. She is not bein on the puter fur so long. that is what she tells me. las nite i wanted to say hi and get luv from min brofur bt he wus bein meen. i tried to get some sniffs of him fur but he growled at me and swatted at me. it wus not furry nice of him. i wusnt bein meen. mine meowmie gotted pictures of the whole thing. i am the innocent one. so lets see meowmie has been away lots an lots. she does the meeting things and doesnt get home til late. i nee dto haf a talk wif her bout that. i need more tention than that. she goes all day to werk and then to meetings what about us puddins we need luv and tention. i fink we all need to yell at her to stay home wif us. meowmie gived me bo-lo-ne las nite and it was so good the prolem wif that is i frow up bean food that doesnt stop me from eating it tho.


January 11, 2007

i new mine moewmie wus not feelin gud las nite so i maded sure to sleep wif her. Jake wus sleepin on her sos i just gotted rite near hers face. i purred fur a long time i fink i putted her to sleep wif that. she wus hafin truble at furst but i letteed her kno it wus ok. i mite has to help her sum more.

Oh beans

January 5, 2007

What is a cat to do? my meowmie wus playin wif mine tail an i tryed to get her to pet mine ears insted. she wold not go fur it. so i hadded to put the bitey on her. i normally dont do that stuff but i didnt want mine tail beeen petted. maybe she will lurn frum that.

nice weekend

December 27, 2006

Oh i haded a gud long weekend to spen wif my meowmie. i gotted lot of luv and pets. she wus home fur a long time. i did spend lots of time owtside tho. the intruders are all gone to their new howses. i am happy fur them. acause they dont has to stay in one room anymore. they can run all ofer the howse. an they mite efen haf new brofur an sisfurs to play wif. that i fink is the bestest purresent anyone could haf. i know acause cats are the bestest. woofies are ok to but we is better. i had a woofie friend once. but not anymore. she wented to the rainbow bridge a while ago. i miss her. so does my bean family. well i gotta go take a nap now. hope efery one haded a good chrissymouse.

Listen up!

December 19, 2006

My meowmie is doin sumefin send her you dress if you maded a donation fur the kitties to get out of owr howse.  i don know why she wants you dress but do it. her email is dannieb1@yahoo.com.

i wus told to say peeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!

Nip anyone?

December 8, 2006

oh i gotted hi las nite. i got lots of luvin frum my meowmie.  it was so relaxin. gotta go ifink i is still hi.

whats all the white stuff?

December 4, 2006

i wented outside this mornin an there is all white stuff eferywhere. it is cold on my feets. i dont fink i likes it. i dont know what to do acause i love goin out but it cold on the feets. i fink i will have to make my way to the dog house an jus sleep in there. i been acting weird my meowmie says. i fink its acause i walked on her. i dont usually walk on beans but i has been lately. i also been sleepin on the bed wif meowmie. i fink she needs my company. plus i get lots of scritches when i do. i like that.